Here are the names and faces of the friendly staff at the Children's Center
who are always ready to lend a helping hand.

Kellie Asberry Kellie Asberry, MS
Executive Director


Angel Sexton Angel Sexton, BA
Chief Operations Officer
HIPAA Officer/ Title VI Compliance Officer


Gail Clift Gail Clift, RN, SANE, MSN, CPNP
CPIT Coordinator
Employed by PediAdvocates
Subcontracted by the Children's Center

Wendy Slaven Wendy Slaven, AS
Victim Service Coordinator

Donna Ford Donna Ford, LPC/MHSP
Director of Drug, Alcohol & Family Services

Debbie White Debbie White
Director of Community Development
Volunteer Coordinator

Cindy Baggett Cindy Baggett, AS
Program Assistant


Kim Bailey Sonni Reagan, BS
Forensic Interviewer


Patty Swain Patty Swain, BS
Prevention Education



Ashley Chitwood Ashley Chitwood
Mental Health Provider
Omni Community Health


Cresha King Cresha King
Mental Health Provider
Omni Community Health


Dennis Jeffers, CPA

John Beaty, Attorney

Parsons & Wright CPAs

Department of Children's Services
Co-located at the CCC

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