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Ellis Family

Jamie, Maddie, McKenna and Karen Ellis in front of a plaque at the Children’s Center in loving memory of Lonnie Ellis. 

Jamie Ellis, his daughters and his mother recently visited the Children’s Center and Jamie made a generous donation in memory of his father, the late Lonnie Ellis.  Jamie was so touched by what he saw and learned that he wrote the following testimony: 

"What an honor and a privilege it is to visit the Children’s Center of the Cumberlands.  I have never known of an organization that totally addresses the physical, psychological and legal issues of a helpless child.  As a parent of two young daughters, I realize the impact of providing a good, safe environment for my daughters to grow up and mature into good adult citizens.  The Children’s Center provides a safe, homelike structure and atmosphere that is vital for an abused child to overcome their traumatic and painful experiences.  I notice the needs are great and it takes a lot of volunteers and money to sustain this wonderful place.  What really touches me the most is the artwork that the three-, four-, and five-year-old children create.  To draw and explain through art the terrible experiences they endure is amazing to me.  No child should ever have to experience the images that I see in their art.

I ask, if you feel the desire in your heart, please volunteer or give money to this worthy cause.  I believe that anything you give will make you feel blessed just as I am.  I know this experience will always remain with me and I feel honored and blessed to visit with the staff of the Children’s Center of the Cumberlands."


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The Children’s Center of the Cumberlands is a 501(c) (3) organization recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as such since September 2002. Charitable donations made to the Center in the forms of cash, check, or through PayPal are all tax deductible.

Monies donated support the programs helping the children, innocent victims of child abuse, and their non-offending family members recover from the devastation of the abuse. Forensic medical exams and interviews, counseling, prevention education, one on one mentoring and support groups are a few of the programs at the center.

We now have PayPal for your convenience in making donations to our center.



If you would like to support our services, care and comfort provided to abused children, please make your check payable to Children’s Center of the Cumberlands. You may mail or bring your gift to our Center located at: 22510 Alberta Street • PO Box 4314, Oneida, TN 37841 • 423-569-8900

All gifts are tax-deductible. For more information on becoming a donor or to request our monthly newsletter and schedule a visit… please contact us at 423-569-8900 or email

*In-kind donations are also very welcome and are tax deductible. Please check out our Needs.

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