The Children’s Center of the Cumberlands (CCC) houses the Scott County Child Protection Investigation Team (CPIT) and helps facilitate the multi-disciplinary approach to intervention, investigation, prosecution and treatment of abuse. We believe that child abuse is a community problem and no single agency has the necessary skills, knowledge and resources to provide the assistance needed by abused children and non-offending families. Our team approach is what makes us unique. We have created a place where professionals can join forces to provide protection and justice for abused children. The mission of CPIT is, "to work together through a collaborative, inter-agency approach to ensure the best possible outcomes for children who are victims of abuse".

Team Members:The members listed below have developed the protocol to facilitate the “detection, intervention, prevention and treatment of child maltreatment in the Scott County area. The CPIT shall be composed of the following entities in accordance with TN Code Annotated § 37-1-602:
1. Tennessee Department of Children’s Services
2. District Attorney General, 8th Judicial District
3. Scott County Sheriff’s Department
4. Oneida Police Department
5. Winfield Police Department
6. Children's Center of the Cumberlands:
   a. Executive Director
   b. LIP (Mental Health)
   c. PNP/SANE (Medical)
   d. Victim Services Coordinator (Victim Advocacy)
   e. Forensic Interviewer
7. Scott County Juvenile Court
Benefits of the CPIT Team Approach:
   · The length of investigations is reduced.
   · CPIT case reviews have cut down on duplication of efforts.
   · Prosecutors are more successful as they encourage proper and expedient collection for physical evidence in each step for the process.
   · Having a multi-disciplinary team reviewing cases results in a more accurate assessment of each reported incident.
   · Child victims and their non-offending family members are able to move on with their lives sooner because of effective investigations.
   · Stress and fear are reduced.

Child abuse reported cases in Scott County are handled by the Child Protection Investigation Team (CPIT) which is housed at the Children’s Center of the Cumberlands. Reports are handled per the multi-disciplinary team protocol. For additional information, please call 423-569-8900.

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